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Who We Are


Our firm specializes in defending our clients against traffic offences in court. We will meet with you, review your case, and advise you. We pay thorough attention to your requirements and build a close working relationship with you so you understand what is going on and what needs to be done at all times. Whether it be a speeding ticket or driving without insurance – you will get quality legal representation.

Did you know that paying a fine is an automatic admission of guilt and will stay on your driving record for 3 years? You have the right to fight the charge against you and challenge the evidence of the provincial offences officer. Let our legal expertise help you with our knowledge of the law. Not only will we give you peace of mind – but you will also get the quality legal representation that you deserve.

Our experienced paralegals will use their knowledge of the industry to fight for you. Let us take the stress away from you ! In most cases, you will not have to attend court your self. We will defend you every step of the way and we will give you the best possible outcome for your case.